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The Bay Leaf Can Beat Cancer Disease

Alternative Medicine - Bay leaf often used to cooking, especially in Asia area. But actually, the benefits from this plant just not for cooking, because it also has a lot of benefits in medical and health side. Based on several study, the bay leaf exactly perfect to beat the Cancer disease. By consume the bay leaf regularly, you can also increase your immunity and keep your health. So what are the benefits?
1. Benefit of Bay Leaves for Prevent Cancer
Bay leaf/ Syzygium Polyanthum contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, mangan, iron, Calium, and Magnesium.Except that, it also contains caffeic acid, eugenol, quercetin, & catechin.Parthenolide is fitonutrien essence which contains in bay leaf, and it can use to pursue the proliferation of services cancer cells by inducted the Apoptosis, decrease the tumor activity, and pursue the tumor which it connected with angiogenesis. To pursue the cancer with bay leaf, you can consume 2 sheet of it for cooking. Or you can also make it for tea.

Bay Leave Benefits to Treatment Heart Disease
Bay Leaves for Treatment Disease

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2. Benefit of Bay Leaves Prevent heart disease
The bay leaf are contains a lot of important compositions to keep the healthy of our heart, such as caffeic acid, fitronutrient, and salicylate.So if we consume it regularly, we have the small risk to get the heart disease.

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3. Benefit of Bay Leaves to Cure stomach problem
Another benefits from the bay leaf is it can fix the stomach problem.The bay leaf have enzyme which it can heal the protein problem & repair the digestion system.You can drink the decoction from it regularly if you have problem with your digestion system.

Heal Disease with Bay Leaves
Herbal Recipe with Bay Leaves

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4. Benefit of Bay Leaves to Cure Diabetes
The bay leaf also have purpose as antioxidant, anti fungal, and anti bactery.The antiocsidant can help to heal the Diabetes.With enough of antiocsidant, the diabetes patient can process the insulin hormone better than ever.

Benefits of Bay Leaf for Diabetes
Benefits of Bay Leaf

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There are several benefits and advantage of The Bay Leaf in healthy side. And the most important from all the benefits is you can beat the Cancer Disease if you consume it regularly.Keep spirit and keep healthy!
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