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The Benefits of Basil Leaves

Basil leaf (Ocimum Basilicium Var) is a plant with a lot of benefits, include in healthy side. Did you know  that the Basil leaf can used for traditional medicine? basil leaves contain nutrients that are very good for curing various health problems. So it the properties of basil leaves can be used as traditional medicine. Below are several benefits from the Basil leaf :

1. Soothe the fever and cold
The basil leaf can soothe the fever and cold which it’s suffered child.The way is by take several of basil leaf,then squeeze it with onion and coconut oil. And then apply it on your kids stomach, chest, and back.
Benefits of Basil Lef

Basil Leaf

2. Make your eye and mouth more healthy
The contains of vitamin A in the Basil leaf have a power to cure the eye infection, cure the stress of eye, and prevent another eye problem.Except that, the basil leaf also have purpose to refresh your mouth smell if you consume it regularly.

3. Launch the Breast Milk
The fresh basil leaf can prevent you from the body odour and bad mouth smell.Except that, for the mother can launch the breast milk if you consume it regularly, as side dish, or another way you want.

The basil leaf are inflammatory agent which it must cure the swelling & it can prevent the arthritis.The basil leaf also have good impact for growth and prevent the osteophorosis.

5. Keep your heart
Based on several study, the basil leaf have a role to keep the heart healthy, because the beta carotene and magnesium inside it.

Alternative Medicine with Basil Leaf

Basil Leaf Benefits

There are The Basil Leaf Can Keep Your Heart, which the most important is to keep your Heart healthy.You can get the benefits if you consume it regularly. Keep spirit and keep healthy !!!
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