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How to Cure Cancer with Binahong Leaves

Binahong leaves otherwise known as Deng san chi in Chinese this is a plant that grows in a way vines follow the sun. Historically binahong leaf comes from the land korea and has been famous since thousands of years ago in China because it is proven to have many health benefits to the body.

Until now binahong leaves are still used as a natural remedy to cure various diseases. In addition binahong leaves can also be used as a natural ingredient beauty treatments. Here are some of the benefits leaves binahong:

Benefits of Binahong
Binahong Leaves
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Binahong leaves can be used to eliminate acne

• provide a few leaves at least five (5) leaves later in the mash.

• Apply evenly on the face, especially on the breakouts

• This is done before bedtime.

For maximum results can be done regularly by drinking five to ten (5-10) Binahong leaves in juice with a glass of water. Can also add honey so not too bitter. Do you know? many of which have proved tablets.

Natural Remedies with Benefits of Binahong
Binahong Leaf

Binahong plant is a plant that lives spread more or less in length can reach five (5) meters. The shape and structure of the stem is soft, standard and intertwined with each other. Binahong leaf and red leaf surface smooth. For herbal therapy binahong all parts of the plant are used for treatment.

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Benefits efficacy laneways binahong leaves besides increasing vitality for men, binahong able to heal wounds and sores in the outside like a wound after surgery, treating typhoid, ulcers, colitis, and hemorrhoids. Also bias overcome swelling and blood clots, arthritis, bruises, uric acid also prevents receipt.

Benefits of binahong bulbs for the heart, liver, diabetes, kidney and intestinal inflammation.

How: boiled tubers after mixed binahong other materials such as betel leaf, ginger with odd ratio ie 7,9,13 then strain and drink the water after a cold. This herb is able to cure swelling of the heart, liver, diabetes, kidney damage and inflammation of the large intestine.

Natural remedies with benefits of binahong leaves for treating cancer.


• 30 grams of dried leaves binahong and one liter of water.

Method of processing:

• binahong leaves boiled with one liter of water until the remaining six hundred (600) ml of water.

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How to use:

• drink three times a day (3x1) with each dose of two hundred (200) ml.

binahong also can be used for anti-microbial agent, as SAR (stomatitis Aftosa Rakuren) is one disease that is marked by the presence of a lesion in the oral mucosa cause caused due to a bacterial infection that occurs. Leaves binahong also efficacious as an anti-bacterial. what I can tell about Binahong Leaf can Heal Cancer, may be useful for the readers

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