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Guard Your Body With Celery Leaf

Guard Your Body with Celery Benefits. Celery leaf is a crop which it has a many benefits to use flavor in a cookery although using for alternative medicine. Celery leaf can be found in traditional markets, rural, urban even in supermarkets and price of celery leaf is relatively cheap.

Below are the benefits of celery leaf:

To heal a Cough
Follow this step:
·         Preparing celery leaf is still fresh + bar + that root
·         Cutting leaves sufficiently
·         Braising with three glass water until hot
·         Filtering water and let it cold, afterward increase a honey or sugar
·         Drink that twice a day

To heal rheumatism, you have to take a celery leaves sufficiently which it is still fresh and it has been cleaned, then use a celery leaves as a dish at everyday.

Dry Eye Syndrome
You have to be prepared celery leaves sufficiently + spinach + Moringa leaves is still fresh. Boxing until smooth and mixing with salt sufficiently + water matured 1/3 glass. Swirling and filtering, after that take a water of that and drink that three times a day.

High Blood Pressure
You have to prepare 100 grams celery leaves is still fresh and bar also that root. Washing it until clean. To make a traditional medicine, you have to be boxing until smooth and increase a glass water cleaned and then braising that water that has been mixed. After that if the water is ready to serve, just wait until cold and drink that at morning and evening every day.
Another side, celery leaf can be exploited to guard flexing and activity of your muscle, medicine for asthma and diabetes, dissolving calcium in your body, launching blood stream, to guard your weight, protect your brain and nervous system, etc. So celery leaf is very compatible to consume as traditional medicine and also dish at everyday. That’s all of this article about Celery Benefits. Hope you will get the advantage, thanks.

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