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Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves

Efficacy and Benefits of Guava Leaves. Guava is tropical plants and has been known by many people. Who doesn't know guava? Guava has a green fruit with white flesh, some are red and sweet-sour taste. This fruit contains vitamin C and hight vitamin A.

Do you know? Behind the fruit that is rich in vitamins, it turns guava leaf also has many benefits for health in everyday life. The benefits of guava leaves are well known since our ancestors.
Benefits of Guava

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Guava leaves are often used as one of the basic ingredients in herbal medicine to cure various diseases.

Guava Leaves: Treating Diarrhea
You can eat it straight young leaves, or can be blended into a potion. Method: six (6) pieces of guava leaves, then crushed and given a bowl of warm water, wring it out later in the drink. Better done regularly twice a day (2x1) to recover.

Benefits of Guava Leaves
Guava Leaves

Guava LeavesTreating Wounds
It turns out that this guava leaf contains astringent that can stop the bleeding. It's easy way, just by chewing until blended three (3) shoots guava leaves, then put on the wound.

Benefits of Guava
Red Guava

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Guava LeavesTreat Ulcer
Prepare eight (8) pieces of guava leaves, boiled with one half (1.5) liters of water. Then, drink regularly three times a day (3x1).

Benefits of Red Guava
Red Guava

Guava LeavesTreating Vaginal Discharge
Whitish often experienced by most women, if you are one of them try to treat your vaginal discharge using this herb. How: 2 handfuls of leaves boiled guava together seven betel leaves and a glass of water, strain and drink twice a day (2x1).

Benefits of Guave

Guava LeavesLowering Cholesterol Levels
Seven (7) pieces of guava leaves, two (2) handheld cermai leaves and ten (10) pieces of betel leaves, wash thoroughly. Then boiled with water for three (3) cups to the remaining half. Drinking boiled water is half a cup in the morning and half a glass at night.

Benefits of white guava
White Guava

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Guava LeavesDrug Thrush
One (1) handheld guava leaves, one (1) piece of guava bark, boiled material with two (2) cups of water to boil, strain to take water and drink twice a day (2x1)

Guava for Health
Red Guava

Guava LeavesTreating Hemorrhoids
The hemorrhoid is one disease that is very troublesome and disturbing in the activity. How to mix this drug is by mashing young guava leaves along with banana stone. You can drink the juice on a regular basis until the hemorrhoid heals.

Red Guava

Guava LeavesCold Medicine
Provide ten (10) pieces of guava leaves are still young, one (1) red chilies, three (3) fruit tart, one (1) piece of brown sugar and salt to taste. Boil these ingredients with one liter of water. After boiling filtered and chilled water consumption after two times a day (2x1).


Accordingly, articlel about Efficacy and Benefits of Guava Leaves, hope its useful for the readers.
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